My Beautiful Wife and I

My beautiful wife and I
An amazing day with my girls beana and kaycie

It was a nice walk with the family on what have been some very hot days this past week. Our daughter wanted to show my wife and I the newly build playground beside Science World.

A highly anticipated wait fell a bit short as there wasn’t a lot to do. It was very packed full of adventurous children, some of which weren’t as fearless as they thought. The high climb up to the top of the treehouse, a few more stairs to climb to fly down a heavy duty slide.

The kids had a blast, and there was plenty of seating for everyone on nicely carved wood seats. The matting was nice and soft, but the biggest disappointment of all was to see the zip-line out of commission. Our daughter was lucky enough to try it out a few weekends before and it was hard for her to contain a slight hint of sadness. It was very short-lived as she climbed the extreme tree fort and went down the slide over and over.

Nothing beats watching the joy on her face as she played and hung out with my wife and I. Overall, it was a day to remember, a day with my girls. The love our family shares is priceless, the bond we have, life can never get better than this. I look forward to more visits to the parks in East Van, as the weather gets hotter and watching nature in full bloom!

I look forward to meeting many new people as I journey into the unknown. I have hundreds of poems to post, don’t go too far, you won’t want to miss a poem. Thank you to my beautiful wife, as she is in unfamiliar territory: blogging. Enjoy the read, and get out there to spend time with family. They are the most important of all.

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