Never Alone

 Once again gathering these thoughts in my mind
I really don’t know what to do with them
But yet the way people talk about me, it’s all to the good
But yet how could these horrible things happen to me
Is it part of my nature, I can’t figure it out
Somedays I wonder if I should just stop and smell the roses
Cuz I pass them by without a thought
They’re far from my mind
Deep secrets, told secrets, they’re all around
My life ain’t about secrets
It’s about honesty, loyalty and respect
I really care about myself
Like to know I understand myself and I respect myself
When is it going to stop
I’m entering a door for the last time
One individual, he’s going to have to figure out the story
This individual is going to tell me if I will stay or go for something I haven’t done
How could you accept when a person accuses you of things you haven’t done
Tries to put them to reality
Changes your life completely
You lose trust in individuals 
Start second guessing yourself
It’s like you don’t know what to say
Cuz what you say might harm you 
And you just curl up into the fetal position
That’s not right
Today, if anyone lies to me, I never look at them the same
I don’t want to trust them
Because of what’s being done to me, how could I?
But yet this will change
It all depends in the end what happens to me
If they believe the story, period
The story, this will really change my life
I’ll never be the same again
Lies that traumatized me, leeches in my brain
These lies were formed to harm me
And this person never gains anything from it
I’m the one that has everything to lose
This person will destroy my way of life and deeply more my family
This person that’s saying these lies, it’s not just hurting me, it hurts everything around me
It deeply impacts what i represent
And that’s my family
I can’t thank them enough for trusting me 100% and being there through thick and thin
Specially my wife
She’s there 100% on my side because she knows me
She knows that one side of the story ain’t true
She knows me inside and out
She knows what i stand for
Thank you my wife and thank you to my family
For everything that you’ve done and everything that you’re doing
I really appreciate it
I didn’t even have to ask, you were there for me
I couldn’t have done this alone
Thank you my loved ones for keeping me strong and having a clear mind
Soon the end will come
Truths will always set you free and I’m a true believer in that
Thank God the truth will be told and then what, I can be left alone
I can be with my family, thank God for that
Yous guys are the best
Love always to my best of friends my loved ones and my family
It will be alright, I’m good with myself
And that’s all that matters 

King is Me

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