True to You

I stay true to you, I remain by your side through the crap and the best of the best. My best friend always you’ll be, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Beliefs in you, what you stand for, respecting the ways you travel through the paths of life.  Hard times hit like a brick in the face, halting every, putting life on hold until it was all completed. Many months apart, many phone calls, texts, letters and video chats became our new ways of life. Unexpected events made our path in life take a wide detour, altering how life was being played out. Goals were accomplished even though rough waters rocked the boat of life. A daughter made it home and after many hours, weeks, and years later you made it home too.  A storm might be whirling around still but it’s minor compared to what we experienced, what life lessons were learnt.  Precious life is, you never know when freedom is dangled in front of your eyes unknowingly, putting stress and emotions on a wild rollercoaster ride. My best friend you remain, my husband, lover, partner in raising our daughter, nothing can change that. Remaining at your side, holding your hand as we go down a new path, starting a new chapter in life. I love you forever and always, lub lubs my hubs. I love you my Tony


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