What I want to do to you

Well I thought a lot if I had a chance to get back at you
What would I have done
First of all I would have showed it to you
Of what you’re not capable of
I really want to hurt you
I really want to get rid of you
I really want to lie about you cuz these lies will not be a good thing
But I realize the truth is the only way to speak about you
Cuz you’re a liar
You’re a very unhappy person
You try to be a controller
You’re an angry individual
You’re a hypocrite you surely don’t have respect for yourself
You have no morals, you surely don’t have integrity
The only person that you care about is yourself
And that might be a lie
Your probably don’t care about nothing at all
Goodbye this is the end
You are dead to me
This is the last I speak of you or write about you
You have no meaning in my life
Therefore live you life like you want to
Fuck you and goodbye


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