What I Expect

I truly wonder what the outcome is going to be 

I expect it’s going to be what I know it to be that’s the only way it can unfold

Continue walking, I look forward to not seeing you again
Don’t even trip cuz from this day forward it’s going be all about you
What about that, what’s your understandings to be
Cuz I guess you got none
Regrets are approaching you
Fear is knocking right behind it
Now it’s slapping you in your face
This is what I expect
You’re the one that’s gotta explain it
You’re the only one that understood it
Cuz the story, you tried to pull it through
Can’t you see there’s nothing you can do after 12 years of trying to make it true
Your life must be all false
Your life must be a sad life trying to put something forward that ain’t true
What’s the matter with you
Control ain’t about you
Cuz lies live from you
Shame is not far away
Guilt, I don’t think you know it
Sad you know all about it
Jelousy must be all about you
I’m good with myself and you’ll never have that
I have a life with meaning today
I feel sorry for you
I’m glad I don’t live like that


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