I told you from the start what was going to happen
You chose not to listen
That was your own stupidity
Now you gotta face what’s about to happen

I told you from the start
That it wasn’t going to go in your favor
Many lies were told and not by our hand
Can’t they see that we were listening

They assumed things from us
Saying we were this and that
No need to mention what they are cuz they know exactly what I’m talking about
They took it upon themselves to bring me into a flight
They assumed I was guilty right from the start
They should have let me make my own decisions and fix it myself

So court came and went, I didn’t even have to defend myself
In the end, all went in my favor and came home innocent
I told them, all of you, right from the start
That these things that are put on me will be proven to be false

An apology is not going to cut it
Cuz I don’t want an apology from any one of you
You’re the ones that need to be judged and pointed the finger at
Cuz mistakes could happen and trust you should have for a human being

Now I’m here standing on my own with my wife, kid and cat
Thinking of what should happen to your fate
Finances were tight and should be put on your hands
Why should I take the bite

You’re probably wondering the actions me and my wife are going to take
We’re going to do what’s right and get what we deserve
Like I said, I told you from the start
These things weren’t going to stick
You’s guys put me in chains, you chose not to listen
You took it upon yourselves and didn’t even let me prove myself
Now it’s our turn to judge


By KingisMe on May 31, 2019 ©Tony Medeiros All Rights Reserved

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