For You

Seeking a soul so I can take it on a flight
Maybe he’ll listen and find out the truth
Cuz I am the one that’s still around
Now all of you keep your mouths shut and know I wasn’t messing around
How could you be guilty if this thing never happened yet
I told you what was going to happen
Can’t you see I wasn’t lying
I even assured you I’m not here to change the way you think about me
Cuz you have the right to think what you want
I told you with confidence I had nothing to worry about and would be back
Look what happened, everything I said, well, it happened
Look at yourselves, all you chose not to listen
You brung it on yourselves to judge me, to be guilty
You even went out of your way to make sure that happened
You could have let me get protected
You even kidnapped me and put me on a plane
They weren’t expecting me when I got there, they had no clue
How dare you to kidnap me and do what you did
Because revenge is mine and my families
You did it all wrong, you chose not to listen
Sweet success to those who do listen
Cuz I’m back where I started, right back with my family
Tearing us apart, that’s no option
We stand together with pride and happiness
Cuz the truth was told and no one chose to listen
I’ll say this, my words weren’t heard
But next time we meet, surely my voice will be heard
Written to those, the ones who know who I’m talking about
Shame on you for trying to play God
Good for me for keeping it real


By KingisMe on May 31, 2019 ©Tony Medeiros All Rights Reserved

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