I’m truly blessed
How I know, it’s about the wonderful things that approach me
It’s how it’s given to me
Feels like magic when it’s approached by me
I treasure it with a lot of good
I feel I will always be blessed
Cuz they’re truly there for me

I truly understand why and I always will give them my all
And that’s the way I feel it should be
Glorifying them, I always will
I know they feel the strengths that we have for one another
Blessed we always are through one another
Selfishness don’t play a hand with us
Giving to others, together we stand by that
I’m glad that this could happen
Shouldn’t be any other way

We play around so it can move forward
When we get there we always know
Will it continue, well we don’t know
There’s always an end to everything around you
If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t happen
There would have been no words to be spoken of
Here I am writing to you hoping that you can feel me and understand me
Cuz if you do, you’ll know where I’m at

I’m trying to be me, I like to be heard
Sometimes I get lost in my mind and let the pen do all the talking
Sometimes I’m glad it happens that way
Then you’ll know I’m open to conversation
If you have something to say, it’s time to put it down in writing

Cuz when you write, there’s no wrong doing and that’s the truthful way
There’s always something to say
Read between the lines
Then you’ll know what I’m writing
Until then


By KingisMe on June 1, 2019 ©Tony Medeiros All Rights Reserved

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