Everything about me is a true fact
What I stand for, it really doesn’t matter at the moment
My beliefs are very strong
I believe in faith, honesty, love and dedication
All them good words, you get me?

Greater things are about to happen
I know this because I am expecting them
The sun can’t shine any hotter than what these emotions are going to show me
My soul is energized, he’s pure and fully in control of the new beginning that I’m going to experience

He’s allowing me to stay care free
He’s my protector you know
He’s well taken care of
That’s the way I stand by
Wait for a prayer to fall into my lap
Blind eyes will never control me
Eyes that can see will fill me with joy

That’s great by me
I’ll just wait here with patience
I’ll pick up a drink, a cheer for your reply, tell me what you think of what ink is saying to you
Do I make you feel the words you are reading through me
I bring out my hand and welcome you in

Do you accept
It’s ok to skip by
I say hello and good bye
Until I write again


By KingisMe on May 11, 2018 ©Tony Medeiros All Rights Reserved

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