Thought I Knew

You thought you knew me
That was so far from the truth
You put your ways into place
But what a mistake that turned out to be
Instead, I got into your face
What a surprise that I turned out to be
I’m not predictable and that’s the way I’m always going to be

My mind shifts all the time
Loyal I am, understanding and trustworthy, I stand as a man
For those who I don’t trust
They mostly don’t like me cuz they never understand me
I draw a line, will it be straight
I can’t predict that, it might not be

I stand alone with pride next to me
My behaviors are the same, they’ll never change
If you really understand and know me
You would know what I’m capable of
Control I have upon me
Being needy, I don’t need to be

I can struggle at times
But my needs are always met
I do not fear me, I have total trust in me
I have many weaknesses, but I don’t let others know it
I have trust for a handful of people
These people are dear to me

Drama Queens, I got no time for
Cuz I know what they’re all about
First hand experience, things that happened
Twelve years in the making, this person made up lies
For her, the lies were true to her
She made her drama public
Yet today she’s all alone with nothing else to say

She was put in place by me
I raised my head and stayed truthful to what I said
The truth will always set you free
Some people will say that’s not the truth, lies can win
Only way they’ll win is if you let them
And if you don’t believe in yourself
Don’t let these things happen
The truth will always set you free

Let it be known to those who want to take control of my control
You will not take it over, I will not let that happen
Cuz what belongs to me will always be there
I truly believe in myself
I know the difference between strength and stupidity
Stupidity you can have
But I’ll keep the strength
Try me and you’ll see


By KingisMe on June 1, 2019 ©Tony Medeiros All Rights Reserved

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