Here I go once again bringing out a show
So you can see what I can do
I’m looking forward to you approaching my face
So you can see my eyes staring at you, so you will know the mistake you’ve made
It will never affect me, all eyes on me
Cuz nothing but the truth will come out of me
You will see that all eyes will still be on me
You will fall, cuz lies come through your mouth
Don’t ask me why your stories began
I have no idea how they start or finish
All I know is, I’m part of this story
This story’s all wrong cuz it never began or ended that way
I am trapped in your story at the moment
It’s ok by me, cuz I know the person I am
The shoes you tried to fit me in don’t fit at all
I know, cuz I was there that day
There’s no fingers to point at cuz nothing was done
Anger shouldn’t be part of this, sadness should be
Leave it alone, let the truth be said, nothing was done
You told me this:
Who do you think you are?
Do you know what I can do to you?
And you proved it
How can you live with yourself
All I had to do was ask
And you know that’s the truth
Listen to my story, listen to it well
There was once a man that was really passive
He was naive, he fell into a trap
He ran from the scene, all that was left behind was nothing but lies
There was nothing to worry about cuz nothing was done
He lived his life well, he turned into a King
He’s got it all and you got lies
There’s nothing to fear, cuz if there was, there would have been a gun to my head
That’s what I would have deserved
But you see I don’t, I have nothing to fear
Cuz what I did that day, is nothing but getting high
And it wasn’t just me, I didn’t get high alone
Both of us got high
Leave it alone, it was nothing but a greedy high
Matter of fact, it was a waste of a high
Let it go, we both enjoyed getting high
Until it was done, the high was gone
And turned into a good-bye

King is Me

by Kingisme on February 17.

© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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