Throughout my life I thought people understood what I was all about. Well wrong! They didn’t even have a clue. Guess they didn’t want to understand what I was all about. I started really young, learning what I wanted, I got. What I really wanted was brought to me in a hurry, right on the spot. I was a little boy, whatever I wanted to do I did it. Wherever I wanted to go I went. There was no one there to stop me or telling me what to do. I was in full control of myself, therefore, I was dangerous.

I entered a gangster life, it was no thrill. It taught me how to be the man I am today. I have guilt on what I’ve done, shame also was a part of me. My memories are real, they haunt me to this day. I’m good with that because I made peace with myself. Remember, I had the power to do what I wanted and had full control of myself.

When I entered gang life, I had to give it all up. That meant my control, my freedom, my soul, my respect to myself, my identity and most of all, my life. When they wanted it, it was theirs, with no questions asked. If my life wasn’t theirs, I would have dropped dead with no questions asked. A freak accident, that’s the way I would have been dead.

I had hatred, and rage crossed over my veins. My attitude was evil, my heart was harder than stone. My thoughts were not mine, I was brainwashed. Today is different, I paid my respects to get out. Notice I said respects, I had to ask permission to get out. Put it this way, I was put in the hospital and it was well worth it. Cuz if I was there with them, I wouldn’t be writing and drifting this pen to the paper.

All attentions upon me, grief has nothing to do with me.
I’m a powerhouse, watch and you’ll see,deep through me
I’m gonna ride, I’m gonna roll, I’m gonna live for my family
Watch me beat those streets to the best of my ability
I’m gonna live, I’m gonna live, to the best of my ability
I’m gonna ride, I’m gonna ride, to keep my identity
That’s the way it is to me
Today, I’m all free, and that’s the way it’s gonna be
Freedom to be top dog of my own destiny
Freedom, the only way to ride
Keepin’ what’s yours and keepin’ it real
That’s the true way to live with your own identity
Keeping it real to your neighbor
That’s my respect to you

King is Me

© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

by KingisMe on August 25, 2016.

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