I seen once before


I seen once before and you were afar
I thought I knew what to do, but I actually didn’t
I put my hands in my pocket and I brung out a clue
This clue ended up being a riddle, and it was really difficult to solve
I figured it out, I went on my journey
And this journey took me afar

It lead me to places that I thought I once knew
But I actually didn’t know exactly what to do
I saw a sign, and it brung me a clue
The clue was, I was supposed to go in circles
I figured out what the riddle meant
It actually wasn’t about you
It lead me to a path where a wizard was standing
The wizard told me look beyond, because the answers are right in front of you

Open up your eyes, and close your mind
Cuz the riddle that was told to you, was completely blind
It’s there to fool you, to lead you to a lie
But the lie will open up to a perfect truth
Reality will stand with a ball of glory
A riddle will open to a true reality
Then you will know where you belong
Cuz the riddle that was told to you, was about to fold

Look beyond, your eyes are opened
Look deep into your eyes and the riddle is solved
Now you know you stand in glory
Isn’t that beautiful, that you solved the glory
The pride is all yours, no demons will follow
Cuz your eyes opened to true reality
Understand, look beyond
Cuz what you got is true reality

Once it’s in front of you, its the only thing you got
Freedom you got with your arms wrapped around your glory
Let it be known, what’s in front of me
It’s love that holds my soul
I’m glad I took that challenge and finally opened up my eyes
I know that your true to me
I thank you for letting me solve this riddle
Cuz I know you’re my true best friend

King is Me

by KingisMe on January 30.

© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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