What are you talking about

You take me for a fool, I expect you to
Wise up and listen cuz the direction I’m pointing at will help you with direction
Cuz a fool stands, but is never left behind
Are you listening to the importance that’s pointing at you
You say you’re all that and you have great intentions
But when you talk, they just walk
Approach doesn’t happen when you’re close behind, it’s not great at all
The earth is round and that’s the truth
You act like a square
You say 1+1 is 2, but it’s actually an 11
Me and you stand together, that’s so far from the truth
Wisen up, it’s all around cuz the end is here
I let it happen, so goodbye until we meet again
Now put on your shoes and get out of my house
Don’t ever come back
Goodbye until the very end
It was so close but you let it happen
Farwell, I’m glad you listened
I’ll tell you once more
Good day my friend, I’m glad it was you
To the other side I’ll go
Goodbye and this means hello


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