I’m gathering, that what you think I’m going to write about, is tears dropping down my face. Where I’m at, is like a whirlpool spinning around with no control. Everything at my finger tips dripping off them.

I’m gathering thoughts, feels like I’m losing them. Circles are forming around my head, deep gashes are forming on my stomach. And my very own my soul feels like its walking away from me. Feels like every part of me wants to separate from itself.

I’m hanging on, like a thin twine of string, just on the edge of snapping. Feels like I’m losing sight of what’s actually is going on. Behind my back, deep holes are forming. Tiny feathers are coming out of them. Behind me wings are forming, and my skin’s starting to melt.

Tremendous pain that I’m feeling at the moment. Why are things happening to me. A big tear, through my back, leaves massive wings that appeared right in front of my eyes. Control was building my spirit. Energy is coming back to me.

Life so free and so beautiful started beginning. I started accepting that what was happening, was meant to happen. These wings, I had no control of. In a short while I grew quite fond of them. Excitement, pure happiness, humbleness, pure good, was pouring out of me.

This new way of life, I’m really enjoying my new ways. Four tears I have underneath my eye on my right, two on my left, close to my eye. These were tears of pain, now they are tears of joy. All around me angels are dancing and forming songs.

We are flying through the sky, with freedom on our backs. What an awesome view. We soar through the sky, massive wings flapping in a swift group. Choruses of truthfulness rang from every angel. Not realizing where we were going, it’s finally been made known to me. My final destination has been reached.

I find myself in a new home, made especially for me. A beautiful wife and angelic daughter greet me with open and loving arms. Home at last, a family finally beside me. My dreams and aspirations finally complete. A family of three angels, we will forever be, for an eternity.

King is Me

by Kingisme on September 20, 2016.

© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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