I’m here contemplizing, 0 even if you know what I mean
I’m punctured with a lot of bullet holes
I’m pumping out blood through these holes
I’m modified to destroy
I’m a true zoy, I’ll fly through your world, inflicting holes on you
Trenitized beyond my imagination
I’m on a magic carpet ride, true that, I’m inflicting
Tripping through this world, inflicting
That’s true that, cuz I’m the one that’s experiencing
I’m tromping all over the clouds
I’m seeing wide what I’m about to explode
True, it’s not about to happen
I’ll leave it behind like it’s nothing
I’m watching my own trip, I’m truly that
Tripping along but I’m not falling
What’s up with that, are you multiplying?
No, no, I’m just tripilizing so leave me alone, I’m good with that
You’s all must be wondering about that
I suggest you all trip trip along too, cuz there’s nothing wrong of me forgetting what I’m about to exhume
Fearing what, nothing indeed, cuz who’s hearing, all of you
I’m not forgetting, I truly remember
What a go, I’m glad I’m going with that cuz that’s the way to homify
If you stand on your head, you might fall into a world of contrizalutions
Cuz this one is all that cuz I’m tripping all over you without falling
That’s a trip on its own cuz where I’m going, it’s all good to explore
I’m monolizing that’s true, this is not a trip
This is a blast to trenitize, whoppilize that I truly don’t understand
That’s ok cuz I’m good with that

King is Me

KingisMe on August 26, 2016.

© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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