I know

When I was very young a lot of people used to tell me a lot of things. Therefore I thought I knew everything cuz I got told everything, I thought. Friends used to ask me a lot of questions. I thought I always answered them correctly. But I noticed a lot of times when they used to ask me questions, if there were two or three of them they used to whisper to themselves and started laughing. They never told me i was wrong or right. I noticed when they used to ask me school questions, a lot of them used to come up to me, I failed my test. I started getting the hint.

My parent always wanted to ask me do I know this or do I know anything about that. First thing I used to say I know mom and dad, I know. And this went on for years. When I got older I didn’t know nothing of what they told me.I should have taken the time and really listened to what they had to say.

From this day friends of mine that I know from the past never told me that I was ever wrong. Now I know why they were whispering and laughing. It was all about me. Oh well, I guess lesson learnt, not always but try to listen to what your parents have to say. And if your friends say you’re wrong, maybe you are. At least you got told.

King is Me

by KingisMe on September 6, 2016.

©Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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