A Holiday

What I say is all that
What I know is a matter of fact
I trip out with a lot of things
Here I am just feeling the flow
Feeling like a top guy
Matter of fact here I go
This trippy girl gearing up to playing with me
Matter of fact I know this girl has style
Cuz she wants to get a hold of me
Trippy that I’m all that
Even better I know I am
What a go she’s gonna get through me
She’s gonna go on a dream fly
When everything starts going all freaky
Cuz she’s gonna be walking with trippy legs
And she’s gonna be thinking of what just happened
Cuz I really tripped her out
I trip out and here I go
My goal my world feels like a grand holiday
Trippy girls all over me
I know I’m all that
Cuz all these terrikas, these girly funs are gearing up to get to me
Matter of fact I trip with that
I let them all in and I’ll take all of that
Cuz I fit right in
I’m perfect style with formity, perfect balance flows through me
And no girl will say no to me
Cuz matter of fact, I’m the perfect one
Cuz I’m the perfect package with a lot of fun
Cuz my holidays never end
Cuz my goal is my lifestyle
Cuz what I get is what I get
Cuz I get the best of all of that
And I deserve all that
That’s the way it is
Cuz perfect formity flows through me
Go Go is all I get
What a go I go all the time
My hands float with a lot of money
Cuz money comes through me with a lot of style
Fame is my company
Matter of fact, fame is me
The best way to get to me is if your trippy like you know, like exciting and looking like all that
Cuz I only go for quality
I only hit on with perfection
The ones that got it all
That’s the ones I spank with
And these trippy girls come out all straight
Cuz my holidays, it’s the ultimate
Gratifying, exelizing, trantizing, exumitizing
Fill you up with exhaustion
Cuz true perfection girl, will flow right through you
Therefore you’ll know the true man gave you pleasure
Made me zoomilize
Cuz girl you’ll feel granitized
Matter of fact, you experience the top ultimalation explosions you felt coming out of you
Matter of fact you’re satisfied and I made you feel like all that
Cuz you had the ultimate player that politized your dreams alive
And you had the grandest tour of excellence
You experienced the top guy
The only one that flows with perfection
The only way I go is with pure perfection
Excellence flows through me
Ha Ha Ha
And that’s the way it is
Cuz I make it like that
Trip Trip
I’m starting another holiday
Here I go
I gotta stop now
Cuz I’m gonna get too busy
Trip Trip
Guaranteed to have a good time
I gotta go

King is

by Kingisme on September 1, 2016. © Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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