A Lie

One march day you said to me that you wanted me to come home. I thought for a while and a bad thought came to mind. I left my room behind, I knew that idea was not a good thing. I took the challenge, knowing that it was wrong. My mind was polluted, pockets full of money. She had put me behind bars twice before, will she lie again? I think it’s different this time, but I still don’t trust it.

We went out that evening, the kids came along with us. We rented a limo, everyone was enjoying themselves. Then I made a stop, then the dance began. Weird conversations ringing in my ears. The ride came to an end, things were going wrong. Fingers were pointed, I should have known better. The kids went to bed, the high began. It continued throughout the night, she asked me to go out a few times that night.

Agony started approaching, the room was full of smoke. Two different personalities awoke: She was deeply in thought, I was busy tweaking on the floor, going through boxes I had laid by the door. She was planning something for me. Then she started telling me a story of men that took her ring. I made a couple phone calls, we were both high. She started nagging at me, I just didn’t listen cuz it had no meaning to me. I was busy getting high.

And that’s how it started. The morning came and the kids went to school. That night went by without a disturbance. I went out to pick up some gifts so I could continue my high. She was gorging herself with drugs. The day continued. Pretty day, pretty day, what’s gonna give it away? What’s gonna happen, what will be said? It creeped up to the moment when she started taking about the greed. I told her I’d keep care of her and fulfill her needs.

The kids were coming home, it was almost the end of school. In her head, she was planning how she could get rid of me. She wanted what’s in my pockets, I told her no. I looked upon her face and called her a greedy bitch. Her face turned evil, by then the kids were at home. She was shouting at me to leave her alone. Anger was building, then it started.

She told me to stop hitting her, I wasn’t even near her, I didn’t even touch her. She told me to leave, but she was holding me back. The police were called, the plan was in the making. I didn’t know what, I grabbed my stuff and I told her I’m never coming back.

I ended up in Vancouver and that’s a fact. I bounced an army and that’s for sure. Changes came about the way it happened. It’s hard to believe, from Tony; my name, King showed up. I was known as a King and they called me King is Me. I never looked back, I had no idea what was approaching me. A lie was coming up from afar, a lie with lies that sung in my ear.

My world was changed, I had to accept. Her lie came alive, but nothing happened that day. I have nothing to fear, it was just an argument. I was in shock when I heard what the story was about. I got sent back to Toronto and that’s where I stay. Where I belong; is my home in Vancouver. The truth will be said, when everyone gets together, the court room will be silenced when I answer the questions. Because nothing but the truth is coming out of me. The truth will set me free, I’m a true believer you know. She’ll be looked upon as a person that can’t be trusted.

She should have left it alone, cuz she told a lie. Back home I’ll go and home I belong. Thank God I live the same way today as I did yesterday. The truth set me free and I thank my family for being there for me. Thank you for your beliefs and your support. I thank my entire family for believing in me. That’s what happens when you’re being true to others. They believe in you. It’s nice to be with my family. Thank you, everything’s forgotten, the story is shut and that’s where it ends.


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