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A foundation that helps families in need in my community. Our family received a hamper at Christmas time from Cause We Care. Our daughter was able to make handmade gifts for my husband and I and gave multiple toys to each child as well. She had a great time creating her own unique presents to give to my husband and I.

Today, my husband carried home a fairly heavy bag. It was filled with practical household items that sometimes gets overlooked when you are on a tight budget. Our family was pleasantly surprised with what was inside the big blue bag.

Smiles came about on our daughters face as a brand new brush and ponytail holders were handed to her. A new toothbrush and Olaf toothpaste came next satisfying the needs of a little girl. Items for the kitchen that made mom happy, more for the bathroom and laundry soap that’s always needed.

Unexpected, but greatly needed. A Mother’s Day made brighter by the kind heartedness of a foundation in our community. Companies, corporations, and neighbours who have extra to give, low-income families being taken care of one hamper at a time.

Cause We Care, a foundation very much needed in the community my family lives in. Continue doing what your doing, your efforts are supporting those who honestly need it. My neighbourhood, East Vancouver, is slowly becoming a better place to live.

My family thanks you for thinking of those who might not be able to afford every day products, as prices rise higher, unreachable for others like us. A helping hand will always be accepted, as families struggle to stay above the poverty line.


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