When you walked through my door

When you walked in, it was love at first sight
Well you said I rode into your life, I’m glad I did
It was the most magical day of my life
You asked me what my tears on my eyes meant, I told you the story behind them
Then we didn’t talk for a while, and then I saw you again
I knew there was something there, cuz every time you looked at me, your eyes would start to dance
Then I told you I was interested in you
That was the best words I said to anyone
Two weeks went by and I said this again, I’m still interested
And I said this to you, I’ll give you a 5 day challenge. If you want to know who I am I won’t tell you what I’m all about I’ll let you choose random people. I let you ask them who I really am
Well I took a risk, what came back you must have liked. You were happy what you heard back from others. Through your eyes told me I must have been doing something right
I seen innocence coming out of you. I saw you dancing with happiness. I seen nothing but love you had to offer me
Now you stand by me through good or bad. You’re always there, no matter the outcome. I can depend on you
I’m glad I chose the right words to show you who I really am
Sometimes you have to take a risk my friends to let others decide what your destiny is all about
I’m not saying this will work for everyone, I don’t suggest this will work for you, but it worked for me
I do not lie, so therefore people know who the true me is. I have nothing to fear what others are going to say about me
And that’s reality
Therefore, show people who you really are, good things will happen to you
Happily married to the very end with a soul mate beside me
King is Me

by Kingisme on August 12, 2016. © Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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