Walking alone

I’m walking through this dark path
Black shadows are right behind me following my footsteps and breathing down my back
It’s midnight, the wind has picked up, light rain is hitting my head
The wind is making screeching noises
I start kicking a pebble
I noticed a puddle of water
I see a mirror figure that’s approaching
I still can’t make what it is
I really want to see what this figure is
I hear barking dogs howling
I feel a brief touch on my back
I really don’t know who to expect
I look behind me
There is no one there
My body starts shivering
Fear is running down my back
Something just touched me, why isn’t anything there
I forget about what just happened
Pull my concentration back in the puddle
The figure is a face, the face is really ugly, disfigured
I still can’t tell who it is
The wind starts picking up, the rain comes down harder on me
Cats start screaming
An eerie feeling comes
I forget about that puddle and I continue walking on this lonely path of mine
I have no direction to follow, where I go, where I end up, doesn’t really matter
I have nowhere to call my own
Its been many years that someone who I wanted to see cross my path
Does anybody care
An image, I guess I made up in my mind
This image formed right in front of my face
I fell to the ground gasping for air
I recognized this image, I’m afraid to say
This image left a big black hole in my life, long past me
This image was dealt with my hands, details not important right now
Haunting feelings come and approach me
Flash dreams are forming in my head of memories that I left behind and once again I’m living it
I know these memories til the day I die that’s why my walk with my past will never end
I ask myself am I ok with that, will I ever heal, what I messed up long behind me
It will never make me forget, they’ll make me remember the horror that I brought to your path
Today I can never change what I’ve done
I’m hoping that forgiveness will appear therefore this walk of mine could end
Do I have wishful thoughts, could this be possible
I hope so, I really do
An internal walk, not wanting it, slowly if I can’t get rid of them maybe, just maybe somebody will grab my hand and make this path turn into sunlight
Wishing for sunlight to appear in front of my eyes
Will it ever be possible
Hope, I will hang on to you
Cuz anything, I mean everything is possible to change
Waiting for the day to end my walk

King is Me

by Kingisme on August 30, 2016. © Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved


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