Quick to judge

My understanding of people judging people are people who don’t have a home, people that live on the streets
Especially people who have facial tattoos or people that are well spoken or people that look intimidating.
People don’t even think anymore
They just react and they are quick to respond with answers as to what these people are
They say things like these people don’t know what they are talking about, they know nothing they are thieves, liars, manipulators
But I say these people are far away from that truth cuz who they are judging is themselves
They are telling you who they are, they must be cuz they are really quick to react on answers
They must be talking from experience
I know this by experience
If you don’t agree that’s OK, you’re not supposed to
You are supposed to judge what I say or what I put on paper so it doesn’t really matter what you think
Your truth is far from reality
What matters is what I think
King is Me

by Kingisme on May 14, 2016. © Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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