Juggling through my mind

Struggling, speechless, can’t convey, endless confusement, scrambled thoughts
Juggling darkness through my mind
Unsure with no direction, drowning in a foreign sea of the unknown
Frantic to stay afloat, walls of panic, massive wall of anxiety pours, I’m so cold
Storm is growing, hopelessness floats by Juggling emotions through my mind

Losing floatation, scared, alone, Darkness clouding everything normal
Juggling truth through my mind
Squeezing, I can’t breathe, sinking, I’m losing me
Lies loom, control stolen, frightened lost soul
Hatred uncerpressed, anger explodes, rage screams high above
Death rises, end is near, unable to find me Juggling pity through my mind

Accept defeat, goodness invisible, dimming soul, webs of deceit, I’m done
Faint glimmering, brightness shining lighter, calm, I’m getting warmer
Voices whispering, swim faster, rescue is here
Grace floats, majestic power, control regained
Juggling praise through my mind

Self worth reigns with power, self-confidence stands tall, questions answered, I am who I am
Best friends always, soul mates eternal, happiness so beautiful, who the hell was I kidding
Storm still blowing, cycle starts anew, alone again, rage reigns true, who the hell do you think you are
Selfishness looms on you, it’s always all about you, where do I fit in

Talks hopeless, you’re not listening, unheard just go, loneliness opened the door
Juggling hatred through my mind
Anger imprisoned you, it’s not always all about you, eyes selective, self absorber
Marriage is a duo, nonexistent, opaque, fooled in fantasies, uncontrolled ignorance, finalization complete
Darkness is you, differences enormous, illusions of forever, nightmarish struggles, truthfulness surrounds, you called, it wasnt meant to last

Emptiness follows, wandering begins, I really did love you, higher than me, I’ll always be below you
Closure of what could have been, I was a fool, you only love you


by Kingisme on August 18, 2016. © Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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