I stand with pride

I stand in pride
I’m a believer of brotherhood
Brotherhood is real and full of honor and disipline
They live life
They live free and they don’t hide
Brotherhood, the true way of life
But people think it’s about power and control
But the truth is full of disipline
Red and white are the most beautiful colors I know
A true believer I stand with those colors
A true believer of a machine that’s full of life that red and white
With dignity and honor my life is dedicated to the red and white
Well I’m not glorifying anything here
And well, people are animals too, and reality is we work in packs
What’s the difference of the Brotherhood
At least they have no fear to show, that their colors don’t run
Brotherhood is full of pride and courage
The true leaders of the world are the big red and white machine let live not glorify but show what our colors mean to us
The true leaders of humanity are the Lords of the red and white
With love and respect I stand to my true MC’s the red and white machine
With honor and total dedication to them alone
A true believer let live, let ride, my brothers the real deal
Dedicated to my MC’s
I’ll live and die for those red and white colors
Thank you for showing me the way
The real deal, thank you for showing me how to be a real man, the real deal
And by the way FTP you know what I mean
That’s what I think
Thanks for showing me the way
My life is dedicated to you
For what you made me today
A fuckin man
Fuck ya

by Kingisme on May 2, 2016.

© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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