A monster inside us all

Life is complex, full of unanswered questions, that will remain forever hidden in mysterious clouds of confusion. Growing up you aren’t told how cruel life can turn to be. As you grow up, innocence fades into a distant memory. What we were taught was burnt into our minds, unhappy manipulative lies of deceit.
Life slide along, leaving slime behind our backs as we thought we were courageously hanging on. As mistakes were made, hurtful spanks of abuse with objects an arm’s length away. Developing leathery skin, as abuse never ceased, we began the saddest game of all: manipulation, lies and deceit.
So many wicked words spouted out from within, we lost sight of who we really were. A monster was born within us all. With force the demon took control, misconceptions of protection of the innocence and happiness that lingered on in our soul. We gave the demon monster our name, giving control to an evil, a sticky web of lies held our true identity.
Excuses were made, mistakes tripping our fragile shell, gladness mixed with hate, scared no longer the abusive beatings had ceased. Damaged ego, no support came when yelled, struggling angrily with frustration, we crumpled to the ground, the end near. Why weren’t we warned of the countless possibilities of misfortune, the consequences of a trillion little white lies? It was stamped with approval, from the ones we labelled parents, white lies would only make us stronger.
We heard lies being sung as we floated around in uteri, stamped and marked as a liar. The gift of life was granted, we never stood a chance to be pure, evil stained our soul. As our weathered soul was spread, confusement gained the ultimate revenge, nothing came back with truth.
Frustration speeding, catching up to unfamiliarity, as inexperience joins the rest. Evil lurking, existence full of darkness, death merely footsteps away. Medicating a mere excuse, insanity seeps in, the shell of our existence deserted. Faint whispers, gentle and soft, triggers a distant memory of familiarization.
Anger surrounds our inner being, imprisoning innocence and purity, our soul. So much destruction of false existence. How can we overcome what others had engraved the only way? A sudden shout from within, harnesses of truths, no longer chained in dungeons created by hate.
Stunned with realizations, truths of jubilation, memories forcefully crashing in. Feelings, joyous and wonderful, engulfed our soul. Knowledgable and wise, meaningful choruses sang we’ve returned. Regret and sorrow, souls controlled by others, over ruled by strengths of honesty, finally home at last.
Death knocked and pounded, door opened no more to the hotness boiling below. Self esteem revealed, darkness unwelcomed, gained control and rules all. Life turning, honesty reigns, accomplished completeness, stories of experience flows proudly evermore.
Eyes opened, demons tweaking, wreaks and stenches, sickens us disgustingly. Our senses stronger, darkness cowering, camouflaging liars, are seen with sights enhanced. Brightness shining through, alive and renewed. Strengths we posses, knowledge gained, previous mistakes made gifted experience, the way home.
Beauty within spreads magnificent wings. Majestically we glide, through righteousness within, answers forever unfolding. Freedom reigns from above, accomplishing impossible dreams, defeating all doubt of our abilities, releasing the monster inside us all.
Astonishing amazement, reveals the true real selves, eternally inside us all, our spirit.


by Kingisme on August 25, 2016. © Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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