What I am about to leave behind

by Kingisme on May 2, 2016.
© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

It’s a life that I was brought to do, and only knew how to do
I only knew how to do that one life
Well, that life is about to go
My life was nothing but pain, misery, guilt, shame and sometimes I had no morales for what I had done
What I leave behind is nothing but empty tears, empty dreams, a life with no direction
A life that was about lies
Well, here I go, turning around for the first time in my life
I left what I thought was a life
I left it behind
Here I am, starting over at 51 years old
It’s ok, I know exactly what to do
Things I was thinking before, I reverse them and think the opposite
Now here I am, living a life that I always dreamed about
The life that I am about to leave behind, well I’m giving it up to anyone who wants it
It’s free to anyone that wants it
I suggest not taking it
For a life I left behind, goodbye life

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