The Real Deal

Listen up the name is Tony, here is a little bit about my story
I came as a surprise to the East side Vancouver Hastings
I wasn’t very much liked and didn’t like myself very much too
I had to take it for a while, I lived my life as a thug and I was very much into the drug scene
But I knew what the street rules were and I lived my life as a G
I took life as a learning experience, not like a victim
I always asked for permission on what I was about to do and how I was going to do it
So here it begins my life was a shamble, my life crumbled all over my face
But I wasn’t a fall-down, I kept up and maximized on what I was about to be
I turned to be a man of destruction and respected and protected, I started to build my army
Everything started coming together, I started understanding myself, respecting myself and everything that I’ve said that I’ll do I show in front of everybody’s eyes
That’s a real man who shows himself and never turns a face on anyone
See I live on a street called East Hastings and these streets are the real fuckin deal
Now if you want to be a fall-down don’t even bother because these streets will eat you
These streets are the real deal
Each corner you turn you have to take it nice and slow because if you don’t you will be a fall down and a real fuckin mess
So listen up this is how it came about I said I was a G so I had to prove I was a G
If you want to get to know me ask the streets called East Hastings and they’ll tell you who I am
I became to be known as King and this is how my name became about
Welcome to the fucked up show
You know it wasnt pretty or exciting but I lived it
I know I didn’t have to prove it I just showed it
There is a little saying people say
You got to know it understand it feel it have a grip on it control it and if you don’t have the experience behind it don’t bother you will go down like a clown
So don’t be a fall-down be a winner, have control over your own destiny
People on East Hastings are medicated to release the pain they are feeling
These are my brothers and sisters and these are the most respectful people I know
You think they are fucked up but they aren’t
They are the most real, they do what they say
Yeah there is the odd one that is a fuckin fall down but they are a small few and they are helpful too
Yeah I’m glad I’m here, I’m glad I experienced it
You know some rappers consider themselves G’s and there is one rapper that said something I despise, he says I’m a gangster in disguise
What the fuck is that, does he mean he is ashamed of himself or does he mean he is a fall down because being a G you have to be a real fuckin man to play a game you don’t understand
That’s what it sounds to me, yeah I mean that to the end cause I live a G right in front of your face
I don’t hide it I expose it I make sure you know who is walking amongst you
Yeah I guess I am a G, I don’t hide it I flaunt it right in your fuckin face
So I hope you like my story so far because this is the real deal
So if you are going to talk about yourself make sure you’re accurate you don’t wanna expose what’s not the truth
So these are my brothers and sisters that live on East Hastings, the real deal, the ones that know it all
So if you have them on your side you will know the real deal and that’s reality in your face
And it’s called East Hastings so if you can’t be a real G don’t even fuckin mention it if you don’t know what a real fuckin G is
Listen up these words don’t run they talk the truth
Once again the name is Tony and turned into King
These are my brothers and sisters they will never be forgotten among my eyes
Remembered till the very end, to my army keep it real, thank you for keeping it real
Dedicated to the real deal to you all
Pick up your brothers and sisters because they are real too
And this means hello
Written on December 11/2015 by Tony Medeiros
PS Yeah 13 is my lucky number for Real

by Kingisme on January 16, 2016.
© Tony Medeiros, All rights reserved

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